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Salathe Oil Company is the oldest petroleum wholesaler In the New Orleans metropolitan area. We wholesale petroleum products for the automotive, industrial, commercial, marine, and aviation sectors.

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Salathe Oil Company

Salathe Oil Company is the oldest petroleum wholesaler in the New Orleans metropolitan area. The company is owned and operated by a third-generation Salathe. Salathe Oil Company supplies wholesale petroleum products for the automotive, industrial, commercial, marine, and aviation sectors.

During the 1920's, Erwin Salathe Sr. knew his neighbors depended on him to heat and light their homes. Salathe felt strongly about his responsibility to his customers and his community, and he instilled that same sense of dependability in his second, third and fourth generation heirs to the family business.

Although much has changed since 1926, the tradition of providing dependable service and high quality products endures. Salathe Oil is proud to serve the same local community it did 83 years ago.

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Salathe Oil Company is located on Peters Road in between the Westbank expressway and Lapalco Boulevard. Contact Us

Our Mission

Salathe Oil company's mission is to provide the highest quality petroleum products, coupled with the best service to its many diversified customers, thereby increasing its customer base, customer satisfaction and improving profitability.

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Salathe Oil Company History

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Salathe Oil Co History

Our History

Salathe Oil Company was founded by E.T. Salathe in 1926. When Mr. Salathe entered the petroleum business, the country was on the verge of prohibition. Salathe was a local beer distributor on the westbank of the river. Prohibition caused him to think of ways to best use his delivery wagon. He started in the late 1910's with a horse drawn wagon. After WWI, Salathe purchased a Model T and a Mack truck to deliver his keg beer. In the mid 1920’s he converted the Mack truck to a tank truck.

Salathe Oil Company originally distributed "coal oil", which was used for lighting Louisiana homes and businesses. The demand for coal oil increased over the years and became too great for Erwin to handle alone. In 1938 Salathe, Sr. welcomed his sons into the family business. The company became E.T. Salathe & Sons until 1958, when Mr. Salathe died. The Salathe sons incorporated the business and moved it from Gretna to it's present location on the Harvey Canal.

Salathe Oil Company was the first petroleum wholesaler located on the Harvey Canal. Throughout the next 50 years, Salathe Oil Company successfully represented Shell, Texaco and Mobil brands. The company targeted the marine industry with a 24-hour fuel dock. The company also bought a fleet of tank trucks to deliver motor fuel and lubricants to meet the needs of the rapidly growing oil field industry that dominated the Harvey Canal. Salathe Oil Company also sold automotive products that supplied retail service stations and specialty fuel and lubricants required by the aviation and marine industries.

Today, the business is owned and lead by Stan Salathe, a third generation Salathe. Les Lowery continues to serve as the company’s CPA and CFO, a postion he has held for over 14 years. Wayne (Stan’s father) passed away at the age of 92 years old in 2010, but his legacy still carries on. Wayne’s older brother, E.T. Salathe, Jr., died 5 years ago and Edmond, the youngest brother is 88 and lives in Angie, Louisiana.

Currently, Salathe Oil Company is very active in the industrial and commercial segments of the petroleum wholesale business and continues to expand. Stan Salathe developed and established Salathe Gas company in 1999, when the family business was given the opportunity to become a Blue Rhino Propane Exchange Distributor. Currently, Salathe Gas Company has several strategically located distribution centers to serve their more than 850 active customers located in Louisiana and Mississppi.


We are not only committed to the growth of our business, but also the growth of local communities that we service. We are involved through various philanthropic, business and charitable organizations to improve the quality of life where we live and conduct business.