Salathe Oil Equipment


Salathe Oil Company offers equipment including tanks and containments, pumps, hoses, nozzles, fuel card control systems, and monitors.

  • Tanks and Containments
  • Pumps
  • Nozzles
  • Fuel Card Control Systems

Tank and containment systemSingle wall tanks and containments (275 gallon - 10,000 gallon)
Double wall bulk tanks (275 gallon - 10,000 gallon)






12 volt and 110 volt high-speed pumps
Automatic and Commercial

Fuel card control systemsThe Fuel Guard is a automated fuel management system for sites with 1 to 4 hoses. The Fuel Guard supports modern TCP/IP based Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) communications in addition to the standard dial-up and direct connect applications. The self-contained (NO SITE CONTROLLER) and fuel island mounted Fuel Guard terminal is housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure that allows it to function reliably in the harshest environmental conditions. The stainless steel exterior and durable Fuel Guard overlay proved resistance to corrosion, UV damage, and other fuel site contaminates. Customized overlays are available for OEM applications.

    • Windows based Host control software with multi-level passwords
    • Will operate simultaneously with all eFueling ICUs
    • Odometer reasonability checking
    • Selectable user and/or vehicle PINs
    • Drivers and Vehicles can utilize Account validation
    • User/Driver messaging
    • TIRIS™ RFID capable
    • Locally programmable to read any card format
    • Utilizes UseAsYouNeed™ Technology
    • User definable prompt sequences and text
    • Supports thermal receipt printing
    • Controls from 1 to 4 hoses
    • Can operate with your custom input device
    • Dial-up remote diagnostics
    • Front panel dispenser diagnostics
    • Connects to VR compatible tank monitors
    • Processes Bankcards
    • Dual RS232 Serial Ports
    • TCP/IP Capable 

    Fuel System