Salathe Oil Fuel


Salathe Oil Company offers Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Gasoline (all grades), Kerosene, and Naphtha.

No. 2 - Red/Off Read, Clear/On Road

See our go green page to learn more about our bio-diesel.

Gasoline (All Grades)
Premium, Mid-Grade, and Regular


Cleaning Solvent

Biodiesel Fuel

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Gree Truck

Blue Rhino Rebates

Blue Rhino Rebate - Salathe Oil

SAVE $3 After Mail-In Rebate!
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Quality Assurance

Shell Distributor product Quality AssuranceTo assure its’ customers receive the quality products they expect, Shell has developed a Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) certification program. This rigorous examination looks at over 120 specific aspects of a distributor’s operation from office procedures to safety standards, product handling specifications and record keeping. Each item is scored against pre-determined criteria established as best practices in that particular area. Distributors must score at least 85 percent to achieve certification.